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Interest free Monthly Payment Plans available.

We have partnered with the National Dental Plan to offer you up to $9,000* in treatments today and then allow you to spread the cost over easy to manage fortnightly payments, best of all, you pay No Interest Ever!

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New Patient - First Visit worth $375*
Special Offer - now only $190* (saving $185*)


  • Comprehensive Oral Examination
  • Full set of dental xrays included - OPG, Bitewings and Periapicals (as required based on individual needs)
  • Full set of Dental Photographs
  • Full Diagnosis and treatment plan
  • iTero 3D scan and simulation

What to Expect?
You will meet Sia out front house coordinator who will welcome you to the practice and show you around. She will help you to fill out our new patient form and begin to explain what steps will be taken during you first visit to Spa Dental Sydney CBD. You will then meet your dentist who will take the time to find out how we can help you. The dentist will then begin to take some initial records. This will usually include taking some xrays, scans and photos as required. After your first visit the dentist will check tooth health, gum health, jaw joints and oral cancer screening. The dentist will with the aid of photos, xrays and scans discuss, explain and communicate any treatment required. Together you and the dentist will assess your smile. The smile assessment usually includes a complimentary iTero 3D scan and same day simulation. Spa Dental Sydney CBD believe in taking the time to help you to choose the best treatment.

New Patient - First Visit worth $375*
Special Offer - now only $190* (saving $185*)


Orthodontic Treatment - Teeth Straightening

Invisalign (Clear Aligners)
Spa Dental Sydney CBD offers interest free treatment plan
Invisalign i7 - Up to 7 Aligners - From $3,500*
Invisalign Lite - Up to 14 Aligners - From $5,000*
Invisalign Full - Unlimited aligners for up to 5 years - From $6,500*

What's included?

  • Consultation with Dentist
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
  • All xrays
  • iTero Scan and Simulation
  • All aligners (as specified above)
  • Our Fees Sydney CBD | Spa Dental Sydney CBD
  • Invisalign Pack
  • All apointments
  • Retainers at the end of treatment
  • 2 year follow up appointments

Invisalign is the world leader in teeth straightening. No brackets, no wires, virtually invisible. More comfortable and discreet than traditional braces. Over 5 million people have changed their smiles, improved their confidence and changed their lives using Invisalign.

Spa Dental Sydney CBD is a platinum provider of Invisalign with our dentists training extensively in teeth straightening using Invisalign. Every year our dentists fly to Singapore for the Invisalign summit to keep up to date with the latest and greatest improvements.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Practically invisible
  • Lifestyle friendly - continue as normal
  • More Comfortable than traditional braces
  • Remove to brush
  • Less Appointments
  • Faster treatment times using Accelerated Orthodontics protocols (up to 50%)
  • New Tracking Technology
  • Smile simulations (see your teeth after before you start!)
  • No impressions

Benefits of Straight Teeth

  • More confidence
  • Improved gum health, easier to brush
  • Less tooth wear and recession
  • Improved breath


Spa Dental Sydney CBD Teeth Whitening

Individually determined based on initial tooth shades and desired outcomes. Our whitening treatment give you confidence by brightening your teeth and removing stains to give your smile the lift it deserves. From Subtle confidence boosting to Hollywood White. Spa Dental Sydney CBD sources the best available products.

Level 1 - Silver - $200*
Pre-form trays with super bootings whitening gels all set up and ready to go. For an easy, quick confidence boosting white.

Level 2 - Gold - $500*
Custom made whitening trays - after scan or impression custom made whitening tray individually designed for you by Spa Dental Sydney CBD technicians and gels to suit for prolonged whitening to give stunning results

Level 3 - Platinum - $850*
In chair whitening done for you by our professional dentist. 1.5 hours of whitening. For the ultimate smile boost. Includes Level 1 and 2 for free!


Tooth Replacement

The ultimate in tooth replacement is dental implants. Feels functions and looks exactly like a tooth. Using modern techniques this well proven and simple procedure can easily replace lost or missing teeth. Both Dr Sean Parsonage and Dr Lawrence Neville have taken extensive post graduate education to be up to date with the most modern implant technology and techniques.


  • Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
  • Xrays and Scan
  • Implant
  • Crown
  • All Appointments
  • Post Treatment Follow Ups

From $5,000*


Continuing Care Hygiene Appointment

Spa Dental Sydney CBD believes in staying healthy.
Prevention of dental problems by regular dental check ups and hygiene appointments keeps costs down and prevents unnecessary visits.

Our continuing care appointments includes

  • Comprehensive dental exam
  • 1 hour with the dentist or dental hygienist
  • Full mouth plaque and calculus removal
  • Staining removal
  • Oral Hygiene Coaching
  • Fluoride Teeth Strengthening and Desensitising
  • Oral Hygiene Care Pack


Cosmetic Consultations

Anti- Wrinkle Treatments
Reduce and prevent the signs of aging with cosmetic injections. Anti-wrinkle injections are made from a purified protien that cause muscles to relax and reduced muscle contractions. This instantly softens lines and wrinkles to give a fresh, smooth, more youthful appearance. This treatment is works best when used as a preventative measure.

We only use the leading premium brand for our anti-wrinkle injection to give you peace of mind of a powerful long lasting effect.

Up to 25 Units - $13* per Unit
26-49 Units - $11.50* per Unit
50+ Units - $10* per Unit

Dermal Filler
Enhance Your natural face and lip features by boosting your collagen volume.

We only use the number 1 selling filler product.

2 Areas - $399*
3 Areas - $499*

Lips to Love
From $450*

Dermal Filler - Juvederm
1mL $600*

Forever Young Club
Join the club. At Spa Dental Sydney CBD we invite friends and patients to come stay youthful together. For our regular patients we offer significant discounts if they join our forever young club. Please call Spa Dental Sydney CBD for more information.

Why choose a cosmetic dentist to provide your anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections?

Dentists are extensively trained on the face. Everyday they are surveying faces and teeth for aesthetics and symmetry. We work with our hands day in day our so our injecting techniques are virtually pain free.

*Rebates may vary depending on health fund provider. All prices subject to change. For more information please contact us.

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*Rebates may vary depending on health fund provider. All prices subject to change. For more information please contact us.