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Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to improving people's lives by providing them the best path for their health, well being and happiness.


We give of our best for our patients who expect the best - and we live a culture of excellence that is based on shared values. We will enthusiastically deliver the best quality dental care based on thorough diagnosis of dental needs with attention given to the effects of general health on dental health. We hope to address the cause rather than just treat the symptoms of oral disease, thus providing our patients with the best long term health, aesthetics and function.


Patients who understand that our superior quality treatment is their path for health and wellbeing are the foundation of our practice. We will educate and motivate our patients and expect them to take responsibility for the maintenance of their dental health. Accepting this responsibility allows our patients to preserve their investment of time and money. We strive to provide the highest levels of customer service to our patients by following through on our commitments, focusing on timely responses, and realizing that one of the main reasons we are here is to serve the customer. We are honest and straightforward with each other and we have a core value of integrity in that we always try to do the right thing.


Our caring staff are our greatest asset. These are people who are excited about what they do, are motivated to achieve results, have high standards of quality and integrity, are interested in being long term contributors and know that a smile makes everyone feel better than a frown. They work as a team and are always happy to help one another to complete a task. Even though we work together as a team, we also respect each other as individuals who all bring a different set of skills and experience to our organization.

Business Principles

A practice based on sound business principles will give everyone an accurate picture of where they're at and where they're going. Fees will be determined by the need to make a profit and to provide an adequate return on the substantial investment required to maintain the practice. The doctor has a responsibility to educate the staff on the meaning of the various statistics that monitor the health of the practice, to inform the staff of his expectations and to make sure that hi expectations are being met.


Our commitment is to continuing education, keeping developments and techniques in the ever changing field of dentistry in order to deliver the best care to our patients. We diligently work to increase in knowledge of our customers, products, processes and technology as well as sharing this knowledge freely with each other. Change is not always comfortable, but without change, no growth can occur. We are committed to the enhancement of positive growth and well being of our clients, our coworkers and ourselves.

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