An introduction to Spa Dental Sydney


Sydney, one of Australia’s largest cities, is best known as the capital of New South Wales and is home to the famous Sydney Opera House. A visually stunning city, its residents enjoy a perfect balance of exhilaration and relaxation. With amazing landmarks, businesses, and restaurants amongst others, Sydney is a city which caters for the needs of all its residents. So if you are based in the city of Sydney and are in need of dental treatment, you do not have to look very far.

In need of a dentist in Sydney?

Spa Dental Sydney is made up of a dedicated team who work effortlessly to provide our patients with high quality dental treatment, whilst running a professional and friendly service.

Owned by our principal dentists Dr Lawrence Neville and Dr Sean Parsonage, our team also includes dentists, our specialist prosthodontist and our practice manager who are all individuals who are passionate about the importance of dental health. They all use their specialised skill sets to work closely together as a team to achieve ideal results for our patients. We strive to give the best services we can to our patients, through not only the  diagnosis and treatment of dental issues but also promoting good oral health for our patients.

As per Australian standards, we also maintain a strict and structured protocol for the importance of infection control, as well as training our staff and evaluating our current techniques in the practice, to ensure that our services are carried out on our patients with confidence and without the fear of spreading infection.

As the world of dentistry continues to evolve and develop, our team at Spa Dental Sydney are also committed to continuously growing and expanding on their skills, in order for us to deliver the best dental care we can to all of our patients.

What dental treatments do we offer at Spa Dental Sydney?

At our practice, we provide treatments in a diverse number of areas. As well as general dentistry these include help with dental emergencies, sedation/sleep dentistry and cosmetic injectables. We also provide cosmetic dentistry with such things as tooth whitening, veneers and Invisalign, but with every service we provide we are proud to say we are very happy to welcome particularly anxious and nervous patients, with empathy and understanding.

Are you interested in whitening your teeth?

Over time, our teeth can become discoloured due to the food and drink we consume, for example coffee, wine and sugary foods. If you are a regular consumer of such foods and you are worried about the shade of your teeth becoming less and less ‘white’ you may be considering teeth whitening treatment.

At Spa Dental Sydney, we offer a professional teeth whitening treatment for our patients, however before commencing the treatment you will firstly be assessed by one of our dentists. This will allow us to identify the type of staining you may have on your teeth and whether our whitening treatment is suitable for you or not. If we are happy for you to have this treatment, we will make a customised tray for you which will be able to fit over your teeth. A bleaching agent is then used to start the teeth whitening process, as the agent is inserted into the tray which is then transferred onto your teeth when you wear the tray. Gradually this process will whitening your teeth.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.