Benefitting from the clear aligners in more ways than one


The obvious changes

Naturally the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about clear braces Sydney is a straighter smile. This is of course the obvious first thought, as this is the job of the braces and aligners after all. But whilst the straighter smile for cosmetic purposes is the aim of the whole process at Spa Dental Sydney, what about the other not so obvious changes that having straightened teeth can make?

Your speech

Whilst for some the speech alteration may be minor, for others the severe mis-alignment of teeth can be altering their regular speech patterns. The positioning of your teeth creates space for the tongue to move about freely during the times when you speak. When suffering from mis-aligned teeth or an overcrowded mouth, the movement of the tongue is affected often resulting in a change to speech.

Your overall mental health

Facing the world numerous times a day with a smile you do not like can cause a large amount of embarrassment and impact your own self-esteem. For some, it may result in missing certain social occasions, or hiding behind their face mask more and more, so as to avoid the world seeing their wonky smile. No matter what the reason, it is important to know that there are a variety of dental solutions including clear braces Sydney, to help renew your smile and boost your overall mental health.

Impacting your eating habits

When discussing the transparent brace treatment with patients, some have commented on the possible weight loss side effect. During every snack or meal time the aligner needs to be removed followed by a thorough teeth clean. This may seem like a lot of work to carry out for the sake of one snack and therefore many patients reduce or eliminate the snack time altogether. This reduction of food combined with the removal of fizzy or sugary drinks during treatment can therefore help the patient lose weight with little effort.

Improvements to your digestive process

Having a healthy and straight smile aids the overall bite which helps with chewing and biting different foods. When suffering from severe misalignment problems it may be that you bite off larger amounts of food creating regular indigestion problems. By having a straighter, healthier smile the bite will change and may help chew more efficiently, leading to a healthier digestion process. No more large chunky food due to wonky teeth, but smaller and more manageable bits reducing the potential side effect of acid reflux.

Eliminating the grind

When the teeth are not aligned correctly, it can cause a certain amount of grinding or jaw clenching. This in turn could not only affect your sleep, but also regularly cause headaches due to the tension created within the mouth.

By realigning the teeth with clear braces Sydney you can make positive changes to your overall health. Whilst the focus is often on the cosmetic appearance of the smile, all these additional changes further support the benefits of having aligners straighten your teeth.

Start improving your health today by contacting us at Spa Dental Sydney to discuss your tooth misalignment problems.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.