‘Can I go on a date while wearing Invisalign?’ A guide for teenagers by Spa Dental Sydney


Being a teenager is not easy.

And when your dentist tells you that you will benefit from wearing a brace, it can become a whole lot harder!

In years gone by, wearing a brace in your teenage years equated to wearing a traditional, metal aligner. Far from discrete to look at and requiring constant trips to the dentist, many teenagers opted out of orthodontic treatments for fear of mockery and spending all of their spare time in the dental chair.

In 2020, provided that you have a medium to moderate level of misalignment, you may be suitable for an easier to use and practically invisible brace.

At Spa Dental Sydney, we know how important appearances are to teenagers. And so, we are proud to be able to offer suitable teenage patients Invisalign in Sydney. As the name suggests, this invisible brace is visually discrete and will not take chunks out of your social life with check-ups. In fact, it even has an app which can keep track of the aligners progress for our team, so you can get on with your life as normal.

While that is all well and good, you probably have some other questions about Invisalign in Sydney. Here, our team answers some of the most commonly asked questions we get from teenage patients.

Can I take this brace out on a date?

You can, but in order for you to benefit from Invisalign in Sydney, you will need to wear it for at least 22 hours a day.

Remember, this brace is invisible and shouldn’t draw any unwanted stares from your date or other friends, so you may want to keep it in.

How do I keep it clean throughout the day?

As it is made from clear, malleable plastic, this invisible brace is quite easy to clean.

Simply rinse it under a cold tap and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove any stains. Do not use hot water to clean it, as the plastic may warp and never use mouthwash to clean off stubborn stains.

Can it become damaged?

While it is a sturdy brace, it is not indestructible!

As mentioned before, it can become warped when exposed to hot water or drinks and if left in your bag without being placed in its casing, it can be damaged by heavy or sharp objects that you may have in your bag, like keys.

Always keep it in its container to keep it clean!

Will it make me talk strangely?

Initially, you may have a bit of a lisp!

But as your tongue adapts to the brace being in your mouth, your speech pattern will improve. Ask our team about vocal exercises you can perform to speed up your adjustment time to wearing this brace.

How often will I need to see my dentist?

Our team will need to see you every 6-8 weeks while you are wearing this brace.

As mentioned before, you can keep us updated using an app on your smartphone.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.