Correct your child’s habits at Spa Dental Sydney CBD

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Recent research has revealed that even though braces can straighten your teeth superbly they cannot inform you of what is causing the problem. Overcrowded teeth can be caused by childhood habits such as sucking your thumb, tongue thrusting and several other things such as mouth breathing. These habits should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent them from worsening.

At Spa Dental Sydney CBD we can provide your child with a Myobrace to correct their habits. If you think that your child is suffering from any of these issues, or they have overcrowded teeth and you want to find out what is causing this, book a consultation appointment at our practice and speak to one of our highly trained dental professionals.

What is a Myobrace

At Spa Dental Sydney CBD we provide the Myobrace for children who need a little bit of help with realigning their jaw into the right position. The brace is available for children as young as six, and sits comfortably on top of the teeth, similarly to a retainer. They will have to complete exercises alongside wearing their Myobrace, as this makes up part of the treatment.

If your child wears a Myobrace from a young age they could be reducing the need for further dental appliances such as braces later in life. Addressing the problem whilst your child is young will mean their teeth are more susceptible to being moved into their new, more comfortable positions. This treatment could even help for when your child’s wisdom teeth start to come through, as it is ensuring that their teeth are as straight as possible from the offset.   

How does a Myobrace work?

This type of brace corrects your child’s habits so that issues like overcrowding or under or overbites are reduced to a minimum. At Spa Dental Sydney CBD we believe that if these habits are corrected early they can prevent all sorts of dental problems from occurring in the future.

The Myobrace works by gradually moving your child’s teeth into a straighter, more suitable position. It needs to be worn whilst they are sleeping and for one to two hours during the daytime. It is important that they attend regular check-ups with their dental professional as this will assist with monitoring the progress of their teeth.

We do say that it is quite a big commitment to make, as when you make the decision to have your child wear a Myobrace you are signing them up to a complete programme. They must attend appointments with their professional, wear their appliance properly every day, and we’ve even come up with an education programme. This will consist of several different exercises for your child to carry out whilst they are going through the treatment process.

Not wearing the appliance properly could cause further dental problems for your child later in life, so it is important that you stress this to your child. If they do not understand the treatment, then one of our dental professionals will be more than happy to spend time explaining it to them.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.