Do dental implants hurt? 5 common concerns about oral implants answered by Spa Dental


Oral implants have altered restorative dentistry for thousands of people.

Where dental bridges or dentures were once the only way to restore the aesthetics and loss of function that accompanied tooth extraction or loss, implants have offered a more stable option without compromising on the quality of the prosthetic tooth or teeth.

While many people who have lost a tooth or teeth would undoubtedly benefit from having oral implants fitted, many people worry about having these prosthetics fitted. Some have heard that they will develop an infection, or that the fitting of the implant to the jaw is unbearably uncomfortable.

At Spa Dental Sydney, our team will address any concerns that you have about having dental implants in Sydney fitted. Our prosthodontic team have helped thousands of patients regain their smiles using implants and will aim to provide you with jargon-free advice about undertaking this procedure.

So, with that in mind, what are some of the most common concerns our patients have had about having dental implants in Sydney fitted? Read on to find out.

Does the fitting hurt?

Before beginning the fitting, our team will make sure that your jaw is numbed so no, the fitting of an oral implant should not be uncomfortable.

Once your dental implants in Sydney are fitted and you leave our surgery, you will notice some discomfort at the implant site as the numbing agent wears off. This is normal and has been described by our former patients as no worse than a dental extraction.

Over the counter pain relief should alleviate it; if it doesn’t, contact us right away!

Is the recovery uncomfortable?

It shouldn’t be.

There will be some sensitivity as mentioned before, but provided that you avoid eating spicy foods or putting undue pressure on the newly fitted implant, any discomfort should be manageable.

If you find yourself unable to cope with the level of discomfort following the fitting of an implant, contact our team for a follow-up consultation.

Will I get an infection?

It is unlikely. But, while our team at Spa Dental will aim to reduce the chance of an infection forming by using sterilised equipment and regular cleaning during the fitting of your implant, they can still happen once you leave our surgery.

If you notice any unusual swelling, discomfort, bleeding or colouring around the newly-fitted implant, contact our team immediately for a check-up.

How will it look?

The implant will look like a tiny screw, poking up from under the gumline.

Once the prosthetic is fitted (the false tooth or teeth), it will seamlessly blend in with your other natural teeth. Our prosthodontists take great pride in matching prosthetics to the surrounding teeth, so no-one will be able to tell your natural and your false teeth apart!

Will my body reject it?

As our implants are made from titanium your body should not reject it. However, if you feel unwell following a fitting or the implant suddenly feels loose, please get in touch with our team immediately.