Does your teenager know about Invisalign teen at Spa Dental Sydney CBD?

Spa Dental Sydney CBD

At Spa Dental Sydney CBD we understand that there are situations where your child or teenager’s teeth need straightening before they have actually developed all of their adult teeth. Invisalign teen has developed a brace that is specifically for your teenager. Whether it’s a medical need, or a case of carrying out treatment sooner to avoid more complicated procedures later, we know how important it is for teenagers to be able to smile with confidence. If crooked or gapped teeth are causing your teenager concern then Invisalign could be their solution.

Going through school feeling self conscious about their teeth could damage your child’s overall confidence and leave them feeling unable to laugh and join in with their friends. Having treatment means they will regain this confidence and grow up to be proud of their smile.

How does Invisalign work?

A clear discreet brace, Invisalign works by gradually moving your teenager’s teeth into a new straight position. You and your child must attend a consultation at our practice before doing anything else, so one of our dental professionals can assess the condition of their teeth and send images off to have the custom-made aligners created. Your teenager will receive several sets of aligners that they have to wear in order. Each set must be worn for around two weeks, and then they must be replaced with the next set. Every time the aligners are swapped your teenager’s teeth will get ever-so-slightly straighter.

The aligners must be worn for around twenty-two hours a day, but they are easily removable so your teenager will still be able to eat lunch at school with confidence and take their brace out for brushing. It also means that the brace is easier for your teenager to keep clean. This is important as otherwise there may be a build-up of plaque.  

If you are interested in your teenager having Invisalign treatment with us at Spa Dental Sydney CBD, then book a consultation appointment with one of our dental practitioners. They will be able to help you understand how the treatment works and clear up any issues that you or your child may have.

Made for teens

The dentists at Spa Dental Sydney CBD know that teenagers can often try and bend the rules that they are given, but if they are wearing an Invisalign brace they need to ensure that they are wearing it properly. To help you as parents the Invisalign teen range sports a blue indicator strip, allowing you to know if your teenager has not been wearing their brace enough. It is important to wear the brace for the correct amount of time otherwise the treatment will not work as well as it potentially could.

Another thing that the Invisalign teen brace has to offer is its ability to compensate for their adult teeth coming through. This feature is not present in the adult Invisalign brace, so if your teenager has not had all their adult teeth come through, they can still begin their journey to straighter teeth. It is a good idea to have treatment as early as possible, as their teeth are more susceptible to being moved than they would be as an adult. In addition to this, the sooner you get your teenager dental treatment the less extensive it is likely to be.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.