Fuelling the Greed

Fuelling the Greed

Thanks to persuasive advertising and company endorsements from our sports men and women, many people, including children, teenagers, adults, parents and coaches believe that commercially prepared sports drinks are a must. But for the majority of us a well-balanced diet and being well-hydrated is all that is needed.

Manufacturers of these beverages are very deceptive about how they provide nutritional information; often giving the impression they are healthy when they are not. They spend millions of dollars promoting their ‘benefits’, often using sporting celebrities in their advertising or sponsoring sports teams to suggest an increase in performance for anyone who drinks their products.

Your number one tip when buying sport supplements:

Products that contain ingredients like citric acid (food numbers 330 or 331) or ascorbic acid (food number 300) are acidic! Preservatives that end in the letters ‘ate’ like sorbate can also be assumed to be acidic!

Some examples of Healthy Snacks for before and after the game that will save your teeth and money are:

Glass of milk. Cheese and apple slices.

Yoghurt and fresh fruit.

Fresh fruit and a handful of nuts.

Celery and peanut butter sticks.

Boiled egg on toast.

Tuna on crackers.

Plenty of water.