Getting dental treatment at Spa Dental Sydney CBD can keep your staff smiling

Spa Dental Sydney CBD

These days companies offer all sorts of strange and unhelpful work incentives to their employees. At Spa Dental Sydney CBD we offer a corporate program that both you and your staff will love. We know how important it is to maintain oral health, and we know just how much poor oral hygiene can cause people to suffer daily. 

Offering your staff the opportunity to have support with their dental bills is something that they will really appreciate. Unfortunately, many people put off going to the dentist because they cannot afford it. Our corporate program provides people with opportunities that they previously did not have and allows them to get excited about the prospect of having proper dental care once again.   

The benefits of providing your employees with dental care

Offering employees incentives can always boost their morale and happiness at work, but offering them something that they will really make use of and appreciate, will show them how much you really care. At Spa Dental Sydney CBD we are passionate about more than oral hygiene, we care about rewarding people who are working hard, with things that will boost their overall health and confidence as well as the condition of their teeth.

Having happy staff will generally increase the quality of work that is being produced and using our corporate programme will allow you to see the improvements taking place in your very own office. Boosting your staff’s general confidence will help them with feeling more motivated as individuals. This could improve a few different things, from the quality of work produced, to their eagerness first thing in the morning when they have just arrived.

Another reason why providing dental care for your staff is seen as a good thing is because if your staff have good oral hygiene and strong, healthy teeth they are less likely to need time off sick to receive treatment for complex dental issues that have been ignored. Having bad oral hygiene could result in tooth decay or gum disease, and if an employee needs a tooth out, they will most likely need time off work as well. Making sure they visit us will ensure that their mouth is healthy, and their mind is focussed on the task at hand instead of the gap in their teeth.  

What our corporate programme includes

At Spa Dental Sydney CBD our corporate programme has been known to not only lower health care costs but result in staff having a higher job satisfaction as well. It can enable your staff to be eligible for priority appointments so they can be seen as soon as possible, and new patients will be able to save twenty percent on treatments.

You will have access to all the oral hygiene information that you require and will even receive invitations to educational sessions. There are many more benefits when it comes to our corporate programme, so if it is something that has sparked your interest come into our practice today to find out more information. 

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.