How does our veneer process work?


Here at Spa Dental Sydney, we take pride in delivering cosmetic treatments such as veneers to our patients, which can help boost their confidence and bring their smile back. Our team is highly qualified, as well as approachable, and will do their best to make sure you have a positive experience.

If you are wanting to transform the look of your smile long term, then porcelain veneers could be a great treatment for you. Put simply, a veneer is a thin tooth-shaped sliver of porcelain that covers the front of your tooth to help improve its visual appearance.

What to expect


When you come to us here at Spa Dental Sydney for porcelain veneers, our dentist Sydneywill have a consultation appointment with you. These appointments are vital in ensuring the treatment is right for you, and that you are informed about all of the steps that are taken to complete it. We will also speak with you to see what you are hoping to achieve or improve, as we want to make sure you are getting a personalised experience. 

An analysis of your smile and face will be taken to examine the symmetry and condition of your teeth, which is done by using X-rays, videos and photos. We will use all of this data to create the veneers so that they are tailored to you.

Test drive

Once our dentist Sydney has taken the necessary scans and analysed your teeth, we can go on to create some temporary veneers for you. These are used so that you can have a rough idea of what your new teeth will look like, and you can make any adjustments you want to.

The process of attaching the veneers starts with preparing your teeth, which includes a cleaning and a slight reshaping of the tooth surface. The reshaping consists of taking a thin layer off the front of the tooth to make way for the veneer. When you have these temporary veneers put on, they will be bonded to your teeth with a weaker bonding agent, as we will be removing them at a later date to make way for the permanent ones.

We will take photographs and videos of them from all angles so you can get a really good view of what your temporary veneers look like, allowing you to see anything you might want to change.

When you come to have your permanent veneers attached, our dentist Sydney will usually use a strong dental cement to fix the veneers, which is the same shade as them. Once the veneer has been cemented onto the tooth, we will then use a beam of UV light to help encourage the hardening of the cement.

Once we have taken into account any adjustments you want to make, we can go on to creating your permanent veneers. These will be the final result and will be the teeth you have at the end of the actual treatment. With the right care, you can enjoy your veneers for up to 25 years!

Disclaimer: All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.