Is there an option for Invisalign in Sydney CBD?

Invisalign in Sydney CBD

Although our smile does not define us, it certainly does go a long way in making a good first impression, especially if your smile is proud, confident and friendly.

In order to have a smile that you feel comfortable in and proud to share with the world, you may wish to have a few tweaks here and there, closing a gap or straightening a wonky tooth.

You may feel like the time has passed for you to be able to have any traditional devices applied to your teeth, as they were originally thought to be a rite of passage for teenagers. Perhaps you don’t particularly want to go through the hassle of such a procedure, with wires and brackets cutting your cheeks and cramping your adult chic style.

We respect that. As adults we can make decisions for ourselves, weigh up the pros and cons and evaluate the situation on our own. As the years progress and technology develops, more and more alternative solutions, as well as more effective traditional methods are becoming more popular.

At Spa Dental Sydney CBD, we keep up to date with the latest trends in technology and keep our finger on the newest research that continues to inspire us in how we care for you, our dear patients.

We want to give you the best possible treatment that is available to us, so that you can get the results you were hoping for, plus some, in the shortest amount of time possible for the least amount of cost.

If you do not have an incorrect bite that was most likely detected as a child or young adult and is a common reason for the need to wear traditional braces, then you were probably never offered cosmetic alternatives that can improve your oral health and confidence in your smile.

We welcome you to come on in to speak to us at your convenience about the range of solutions that we have to permanently alter the appearance of your smile. One of the most widely used and successful methods available is by straightening your teeth with clear aligners.

What are these clear aligners?

The most successful brand is Invisalign in Sydney CBD. We have the appropriate technology available in our practice to scan your teeth and plot the movement required to bring your teeth into perfect alignment.

After an initial consultation where we are able to give you as much information about the treatment, the costs and the duration of having Invisalign in Sydney CBD, we are able to show you a visual representation of what the changes will be and how your smile may look at the end of the treatment.

In most cases, treatment lasts for about a year, with aligners needing to be changed every 2 weeks to gradually shift your teeth into the correct position. We would like to see your progress every 6 weeks in order to keep in touch and answer any questions that you may have during the treatment.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.