Need a more permanent solution to lost teeth? The benefits of dental implants by Spa Dental


When you have gaps in your smile, regardless of your age, it can feel like a kick in the teeth.

In years gone by, the only solution that dental teams were able to offer patients was a fitted bridge or a set of dentures.

While these solutions to tooth loss have been around since ancient Egypt and were indeed once heralded as the gold standard of restorative dentistry, patients who had them often found them quite difficult to manage. Indeed, dentures often rub against the gum line, causing sores and swellings to occur, while fitted bridges can cause damage to surrounding teeth.

In 2020 however, if you have gaps in your teeth, there is a more permanent solution that will not cause rubbing or damage to surrounding teeth; dental implants!

Our team of cosmetic dentists at Spa Dental Sydney CBD have fitted hundreds of our patients with dental implants and can assure you that they are the new gold standard in restorative dentistry. Custom fitted to your mouth, they can be matched to your surrounding teeth in size, colour, and shape, so nobody will notice they aren’t natural!

But what are the other benefits of having oral implants fitted at Spa Dental Sydney CBD? Read on to find out!


Not only do dental implants look like your real teeth, they feel like them too!

Once placed into your jaw by our team at Spa Dental Sydney CBD, they will be able to bite into food and chew it as your natural teeth did, allowing you to feel the right amount of pressure with each bite, making the entire sensation more natural for you.

Also, as they don’t move as dentures do, you won’t have to worry about them coming loose.

Improve bone strength

When you lose teeth, your jaw bone recedes and weakens.

Recession is due to the jaw not having a tooth to hold in place anymore and so, this recession can cause surrounding natural teeth to destabilise. Unstable teeth can move, protrude at unusual angles or even fall out!

Implants prevent this by encouraging the bone to grow around the implants, creating a stronger and more stable jaw bone.

Clearer speech

When you have a loose device in your mouth, the speech will undoubtedly become affected; you will tense your facial muscles to hold your dentures in place and so, your inflection and
speech pattern will be altered.

As implants are fitted to your jaw and the prosthetic teeth are matched to the size of your mouth, there will be no tensing of facial muscles. So, your speech will improve!

Long life span

Properly maintained oral implants can last up to 40 years, allowing you to have a stronger, more natural-looking smile for an extremely long period of time.

Maintenance includes good oral hygiene, regular dental check-ups, and suitable life-style choices.


Of course, a natural-looking set of teeth that are immovable and complete your smile will cause your confidence to go through the roof! Perfect!


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.