Need a solution to lost teeth? Try dental implants!


Losing a tooth does not only affect how you look, but can cause a number of other things to happen. By not replacing a lost tooth with a permanent solution your body will automatically stop supplying nutrients to where your lost tooth was located. In addition your jawbone will start to lose density in a process referred to as resorption, resulting in your face taking on a sunken appearance. Bridges and dentures don’t provide a root to reverse the resorption, but dental implants Sydney do provide an artificial root which stimulates your body to resume supplying nutrients to that area.

A change in attitude

In the last two decades patient attitudes to oral hygiene and dental care have changed a lot. For a long time dental health was a reactive process that was triggered by discomfort in the mouth. Proactive dentistry is now the norm and our patients now follow a definite oral hygiene regime of regular brushing and flossing and visiting us every twelve months. The result of this is that teeth are maintained in good general health and patients retain their teeth for longer.

Practical and cosmetic

Gum disease has been the biggest cause of tooth loss but accidents have also contributed. It is always better to act early rather than later and replacing a lost tooth is a typical example of the benefits of acting quickly. A lost front tooth will naturally cause a loss in self-confidence, but equally a lost rear tooth can cause difficulty eating. In addition when a tooth has been lost the adjacent teeth tend to slowly move to try and fill the vacant space. Dental implants Sydney are a practical and cosmetic permanent solution.


Compared to dentures and bridges, dental implants Sydney are permanent and feel and look just like your natural teeth. You don’t need to remove them at night and you can chew and smile confidently. Unlike dentures and bridges they prevent loss of bone density and will help retain the shape of your face.


Technology is allowing us to regularly improve on this invention which saw the first successful  implant procedure in 1965. This procedure is therefore tried and tested and has since been perfected, and now with the aid of digitisation and computer assistance we are able to deliver an implant with precise accuracy. It is important to line the implant up with the opposite tooth so that when you bite down you are applying equal pressure in line with your normal tooth. At Spa Dental Sydney we have an expert team who can replace one tooth or four in a row on a single implant and if you require an entire mouthful of teeth to replace your dentures we can do that with just four implants.

Look and feel

Our experience in the area of implants allows us to deliver a prosthetic tooth that is coloured and shaped to perfectly match your existing teeth. Your new implant will allow you to eat what you ate before you lost your tooth and you can maintain your implanted tooth in the same way as your natural teeth.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.