Need a way to whiten your teeth without bleaching? 5 benefits of veneers by Spa Dental in Sydney


If you are like many dental patients, it is likely that you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth.

In the modern world, it is getting harder to keep teeth white with the majority of foods and beverages containing high tannin levels and more acids. Causing yellowing and even erosion of the enamel, the underlayer of the tooth can then be exposed, dentine, which is naturally darker in colour than enamel.

Unfortunately, exposure of dentine and higher acid consumption in day-to-day life can cause teeth to feel more sensitive when exposed to hot and cold extremes, meaning that many dental patients are often stuck with yellow-tinted teeth which are too sensitive to whiten with bleaches and gels.

Luckily, at Spa Dental in Sydney, we can whiten your teeth without resorting to bleaching or abrasion, meaning you can have all the visual benefits of whiter teeth without the discomfort. Known as porcelain veneers, these coverings are custom-fitted to slot over your teeth, instantly whitening them up to 18 shades. And with no discomfort during the fitting, what’s not to like about this ingenious treatment?

Are there any other advantages to having porcelain veneers fitted at Spa Dental in Sydney? Of course, there are! Here, our team explains some of the most common ones.

Reduced sensitivity

As veneers are placed over the front of your teeth, they can actually reduce any sensitivity that you may have.

Made from porcelain and affixed with dental cement, they can block the microscopic holes which are exposing the nerve of the tooth to the air, causing sensitivity.


Another interesting and beneficial aspect of having dental veneers fitted at Spa Dental in Sydney is that they are more stain-resistant than enamel.

As the enamel on teeth is naturally quite porous, it allows stains to attach to the teeth and makes it harder to remove. Porcelain is still porous, but is more robust against tannins and acids, meaning your teeth will look whiter for longer.


When compared to traditional whitening methods which use bleaches and abrasives, veneers offer a longer lifespan.

Gels and abrasive methods can keep your teeth visually whiter for up to 6 months, provided that you apply a whitening gel once a week at home. Once fitted, and with proper dental care, veneers can last over 15 years, meaning your smile will look striking for longer! Great stuff!


If you have chips or cracks on your teeth, veneers can provide you with a simple way to conceal them.

As they are custom-fitted to your teeth, they can instantly hide any dark cracks across your

enamel, while also strengthening the tooth that is damaged.


Not just for whitening or concealment, veneers can also be used to make your teeth appear more symmetrical; if you have one tooth which is longer than the one on the opposite side, we can apply a veneer to even out the length and soften the appearance.

This will give you a more symmetrical, healthier-looking smile.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.