Protecting your smile


Managing and maintaining a high level of oral health

Everyday life can be busy and manic and therefore some routine processes, such as cleaning your teeth can become hindered by a lack of attention. Whilst brushing your teeth for around 3 minutes twice a day may not sound like much, when you are rushing around and trying to keep up with things, the 3 minutes can quickly become 2 minutes. Or the effectiveness of the brushing technique can reduce. No matter what the cause, there are simple and effective ways to stay on top of your oral health including working with your dentist Sydney.

Attending regular dental check-ups

Fitting in the gym before a long day at work, or getting the children off to school. These are just two of the things we may be faced with on a day-to-day basis and now, on top of the workload we are having to think about fitting in regular dental appointments. Luckily, the regular part of the appointment is actually only once every 6 to 12 months, depending on your individual case. Fitting in a check-up once or twice a year to help maintain and improve your overall oral hygiene has never been easier. The dentist Sydney will always work with you to ensure that your dental care takes priority and therefore whilst we will always fit you into our schedule, we need you to fit your own care into the schedule as well.

The importance of keeping your oral hygiene at a good standard

Whilst from a young age the majority of us are taught to brush our teeth twice a day, the effectiveness of this brush is highly important and therefore it may mean that further measures need to be taken to help your overall oral health. Brushing our teeth is something that must be carried out to keep the teeth clean, however, in most cases dental flossing and potentially using interdental brushes is also needed. These enable you, the patient, to remove debris from around the teeth and gums, reducing the possibility of plaque building up. Whilst we all have some form of dental plaque surrounding our teeth, cleaning your teeth efficiently greatly reduces problems such as gum disease, tooth loss and bad breath.

Brushing the teeth twice daily alongside the use of other dental equipment can in time save your smile and greatly reduce the need for dental treatments and procedures. Our team at Spa Dental Sydney therefore seeks to educate and guide you in the best of home dental solutions alongside your regular check-ups.

Ways to improve your overall oral health

Whilst the daily cleaning regime and check-ups may seem like the most obvious ways to keep your smile healthy, there are other lifestyle changes which may protect your smile further. For instance, smoking and drinking alcohol can, when carried out regularly, stain the teeth considerably and cause an odour to the breath. Reducing these habits alongside monitoring the types of food and drinks consumed can protect the teeth as much as cleaning them.

Whilst the effectiveness of the clean is of great importance, our lifestyle and life choices can also impact our oral health which is why working with our dentist Sydney is so important.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.