Snack Attack

For a long time we’ve heard ‘you are what you eat’, a phrase commonly associated with weight management. Funnily enough, the same is true of your teeth.

Diet plays a major role in oral health. A healthy and balanced diet (combined with brushing and flossing of course!) results in healthy teeth for life. On the flip side, frequent sugar consumption and poor eating habits such as ‘grazing’ means tooth decay and potentially a whole host of other health problems. That is why it is vital you teach your children these lessons as early as possible. This isn’t only about limiting the foods and drinks we already know are bad for our teeth like lollies and fizzy drinks. It is about limiting the frequency in which we consume any sugar, and when we do, ensuring it is consumed in an appropriate time frame, not over extended periods of time.

It can be difficult to find and prepare healthy snacks for your kids, but being informed gives you the best chance of making good nutritional choices.


– Remember snacks are in between meals so they should be light and low in sugar

– Fresh is best. Packaged foods are generally higher in sugar than their fresh alternatives.

– Always read the label – if sugar is listed in the top three ingredients it’s usually not a good sign.

– Searching online is a great way to find healthy snack ideas for your kids.