Staff News

There has been a few staff changes in 2012 at Spa Dental. Karen, our senior dental assistant, has left us after 7 wonderful years of service and dedication. She’ll be greatly missed and we wish her every possible success and happiness in her future endeavours.

 As one door closes, another opens and one of our previous dental assistants, Michelle is back with us. Michelle moved to South Africa but has decided to return to good old Sydney. We’re glad to have her huge smile and infectious laugh brightening us all up again.

Dr Brian Joffe joined us towards the end of last year and is now very much a part of the family. He is a highly experienced dentist who’s been practicing since 1985, he has had successful practices in South Africa and New Zealand and is now very happy to call Australia home. Brian strives for high standards of treatment and is focused on building trust with patients. He is capable of providing simplest treatments all the way up to full mouth rehabilitation. Brian particular interest is in cosmetic dentistry and is passionate about restoring a person’s confidence by creating great smiles.

Now, Kelly always likes to keep you all updated with the musicians she meets in her travels… She has caught up with Guitar God’s Joe Satriani and Steve Vai when they toured in March. These guys are considered two of the very best in the business and for a die-hard, ’20 plus years’ fan like Kelly, it was a dream come true to spend time with them both before their concert. Steve also signed under Kelly’s existing VAI tattoo which is now a lasting memento of this wonderful time in her life. (Now that’s dedication!)

Once again we would like to say a big thank you to all our patients who have been referring their friends , family and work colleagues to our practice. It has been a pleasure to meet and treat them!