Stop the effects of tooth loss with dental implants


Losing a tooth or even the thought of missing teeth can be scary especially if it happens early on in life. Even if you are older, tooth loss can have a negative impact on your life. Missing teeth affect the appearance of your smile, they affect the shape of your face and make you look a lot more aged than you actually are.

This can affect your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Missing teeth affect your ability to bite, chew and eat properly. You may not be able to enjoy your favourite foods and any food that you do eat, you may not be able to chew or digest properly. This can affect your health and wellbeing. Missing teeth can affect your speech. This depends on the position of your missing teeth, but if you lose your front teeth then this is more significant than if you lose one of your molars. Another negative impact of missing teeth is that it can cause a shift in the position of your remaining teeth. This is because your teeth will try to fill the gap left by the missing tooth and this will cause a range of misalignment issues. Tooth loss also causes bone decay which can result in pain, discomfort and further tooth loss. You need to address your missing teeth sooner rather than later, so speak to us at Spa Dental Sydney today to find out about the options that are available for you.

Dental implants; like having natural teeth back

To begin with we will examine your mouth and look for other dental health complications which need to be treated to prevent further tooth loss. The site of your missing tooth or teeth will also be checked to see if it has healed and if you are ready to replace your missing teeth. Here at Spa Dental Sydney we recommend dental implants Sydney for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants Sydney are suitable for patients of all ages and provide a permanent solution for tooth loss. With dental implants Sydney we will need to make sure that your mouth is healthy and that the surgery will be successful. This means addressing any gum disease or bone decay that you may be suffering from. Some patients require a gum graft and a bone graft to replace missing gum and bone so that the implant can be held securely in place.

You may only need one dental implant or you may need multiple implants to replace your missing teeth depending on your individual requirements. One implant can be used to replace up to 3 missing teeth. Four implants can be used to replace a full arch of missing teeth and we will put together an individually tailored treatment plan for you. By replacing your missing teeth you can combat the effects of tooth loss. Implantation can help you regain your self-confidence and restore your youthful appearance. It can re-establish the full function of your mouth so that you can speak properly, eat and enjoy all your favourite foods and you can reverse or prevent the many dental complications that missing teeth can have on the rest of your dentition. Speak to us at Spa Dental Sydney today to find out more.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.