The importance of dental hygiene at Spa Dental Sydney


An indicator of our general health along with our wellbeing; our oral health is more important than some of us realise. Which is why it is recommended that individuals have an oral regime to ensure that their teeth, gums and mouth remain healthy and free from bacteria and infection. One of the ways to do this is to visit a dental hygienist, and at our practice Spa Dental Sydney, we have a specialist team of dental hygienists who help provide an exceptional level of dental care to our patients.

What do we mean by a dental hygienist?

The main role of a dental hygienist is to assist both children and adults on how to look after their gums and teeth. Our dental hygienists at Spa Dental Sydney have an important role at our practice, as they provide preventive services in order to stop the development of dental diseases.

As part of daily preventive care, our dental hygienists advise that in order to maintain good oral hygiene, patients should be brushing their teeth twice a day, along with flossing daily as well as ideally after each meal. This ensures that teeth are not only clean, but also free from debris and build-up that can occur from the food that is eaten. By maintaining good oral hygiene, you are also reducing the chance of bad breath. If you feel that you are experiencing persistent bad breath, one of our dental hygienists will be able to identify the cause and assist in highlighting certain areas of your mouth which may require extra attention.

Do you have to see a dental hygienist?

Of course, seeing a dental hygienist is optional, however at Spa Dental Sydney we do advise that along with visiting a dentist, our patients should also be seeing one of our dental hygienists. As well as teaching our patients valuable oral hygiene techniques, a patient may also be advised to have a scale and polish of their teeth.

What do we mean by a scale and polish?

Although you may be cleaning your teeth twice a day, and flossing often, there are some areas of your teeth which may be harder to reach when cleaning. At these harder to reach spots, bacteria is more likely to form. Commonly known as plaque, this bacteria can build up over your teeth and turns into acid when it comes into contact with sugary foods in particular.

Plaque can be easily removed by brushing with a good toothpaste, however, for those harder to reach spots where the plaque is not removed it will continue to build up, until it hardens into what we know to be calculus or tartar. A much harder residue, calculus cannot be removed by simply brushing your teeth, which is why we recommend a scale and polish.

Scale and polish is when a dental professional carries out a thorough clean of the teeth. The dental hygienists at Spa Dental Sydney are experienced and better equipped in cleaning teeth, as they have the correct tools to clean an individual’s teeth thoroughly. All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.