The importance of great dental health

Many people are unaware of how poor dental heath can affect their overall health. However, regular check-ups and good dental hygiene at home are important to prevent problems. Regular appointments with your dentist mean that you can quickly find out if there are any issues and take the steps needed to sort them out.

About us
Spa Dental Sydney CBD has a highly trained dental team that offers a variety of treatments to solve many dental problems. We’re a dentist in Sydney CBD providing cosmetic dentistry if you want to improve your smile. We believe that a happy and healthy mouth will make our patients happier on the inside and on the outside.

Other services

Suffer from snoring? Keeping your partner awake at night? It’s not necessarily your fault but it’s something our dentist in Sydney CBD can help with. Our team can offer a tailor-made mouthpiece to stop you snoring at night. Made to fit your teeth, it ensures comfort when wearing it.

Oral cancer

Oral cancer affects many people in Australia every year. It can affect the teeth, lips, throat and tongue. Signs can include white and red patches on the surface or an ulcer that doesn’t go away. You may not want to think about diseases like this when you visit your dentist, but it is part of the process for our dentist to look for signs during your check-up. At our dentist in Sydney CBD, spotting signs early means that it’s likely to be treatable.

Support with teeth grinding

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is common for people while awake or asleep. People grind their teeth either because of stress, after drinking alcohol or from a mismatch of the way their teeth bite together. Our dentist in Sydney CBD can offer aids to help reduce or cut out grinding altogether. One option is a mouthguard, tailored to fit your teeth, that you wear every night. We can offer suggestions about ways to relax, as well as arranging a check-up to see if your bite is affecting your grinding.

Further questions?

If you have any other queries or want to book an appointment at our dentist in Sydney CBD, please get in touch.