Unsure if you need an emergency appointment? 5 signs you do from Spa Dental Sydney


While an unpleasant thing to think about, at some point in their life, most people will experience a dental emergency.

And although some dental emergencies are easy to spot, others can be a bit vague, leading to questions relating to urgency. Also, with the rise in government based restrictions and social distancing, many dental patients are wary of attending a dental surgery, which can also lead to confusion about whether they need to attend or not.

At Spa Dental Sydney, our team is proud of our emergency dental care and can help all patients who need an urgent appointment. As we set aside appointments each day to see emergency cases, when you come to us, you will be seen within 24 hours of your emergency starting meaning there will be no prolonged discomfort. Perfect!

But what are some of the signs that you need to see our emergency dentist at Spa Dental Sydney?


While this can be painless, any sudden swelling needs to be examined by our team at Spa Dental Sydney.

Any swelling of the gums, in the mouth, at the back of the throat or around the jawline will require immediate attention, as it may indicate an abscess or an impacted tooth. Don’t risk it and contact our team as soon as you spot any swollen areas in your mouth.


An indicator that you may need to see our team immediately is discomfort.

If the discomfort is causing you to be distracted during your day, is impacting on your eating or is preventing you from sleeping, then you need to see our team. The causes of dental pain vary, but when they are so severe that you cannot function, this usually indicates an abscess, an exposed pulp, a lost filling or a lost crown.

Broken or chipped teeth

Much like the dental swelling, if you chip or crack your tooth or teeth, it may not be uncomfortable.

Any damage to the enamel requires an immediate appointment; cracked enamel can allow bacteria to get underneath the tooth and cause issues with the pulp, such as infections or decay. As our team can correct any cracks or chips with a simple application of composite, it is not worth leaving a chip or crack open on any of your teeth. So, as soon as the injury occurs, contact our team.

Lost filling or crown

A missing filling or crown is common and if we catch it early enough, we can simply fit another one!

But if you delay seeing us for a missing crown or filling, decay can set in and cause the bacteria to get to the pulp of the tooth, leading to an abscess. As a root canal is more invasive than a simple restored filling, you should contact us the moment you notice the filling is loose.


Recurrent ulcers require an emergency dental examination and if you have an ulcer that is larger than a 5 pence piece, you need to seek immediate medical attention.


All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.