Unsure what to do in a dental emergency? Read our top five FAQs by Spa Dental Sydney CBD


It can happen to even the best dental patients.

One minute, you are settling in for a good night’s sleep, and the next moment you are awoken by a sharp pain in one of your teeth. Ouch!

While most people do not consider the likelihood of experiencing a dental emergency, they are in fact extremely common in everyday dental care. Defined as a condition of the mouth that requires same-day attention from a medical professional, dental emergencies are varied in their causes, but can be extremely painful.

Our emergency dental team at Spa Dental in Sydney CBD will help relieve any associated discomfort from a dental emergency and work swiftly to identify the underlying cause. Numbing the area if it is too painful to examine, our team will take great care when treating your emergency and ensure you are 100% comfortable with everything we are doing.

Of course, when faced with a sudden toothache in the middle of the night, what do you do? Our emergency dentists at Spa Dental in Sydney CBD have compiled the five most frequently asked questions about dental emergencies at Spa Dental and have answered them below.

‘ What should I do if I have dental pain in the middle of the night?’

If you wake up to dental pain, it is advisable to try and identify the cause of the issue. If it is too painful, take some painkillers that you have to hand. As it is a common anti-inflammatory that is normally readily available, gargle luke-warm salt water, to help reduce swelling and clean the area. Do not consume alcohol to relieve dental pain.

’I’ve broken one of my teeth – what can I do?’

If you notice a broken, chipped or cracked tooth in your mouth, call our team at Spa Dental in Sydney CBD as soon as possible for an emergency appointment.

This is a common problem that our team can resolve with tooth coloured composite, for a flawless and strong finish. In the meantime, if it is painful, take an over-the-counter painkiller, avoid biting or putting pressure on the tooth and do not consume any hot or cold products.

‘If I come to Spa Dental, how soon will I be seen?’

We aim to see all dental emergencies on the same day that we are contacted about them.

Our team sets aside appointments each day for emergency appointments, so always call us as soon as possible.

‘My face is swollen but I’m not in pain – do I need an emergency appointment?’

In a word, yes.

Swelling is usually the first indicator of an abscess or infection, so call our team as soon as you notice any facial swelling.

‘How can I prevent dental emergencies in the future?’

While things like chipped teeth or lost fillings are not always preventable, a key way to prevent dental emergencies is to take good care of your teeth.

Brush and floss twice a day, minimise all sugary foods and visit our dentists twice a year.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. This article is not a substitute for a check-up with your dental practitioner.