What can I expect from a dentist in Sydney CBD?

Dentist in Sydney CBD

Our aim is to improve your life on many levels, not just to provide you with clean teeth and a cavity free mouth. Our vision, shared throughout our team, is a holistic one, and we understand that the health of your mouth is maintained, not only by appropriate oral health care, but by taking care of the whole body. We can tackle the root cause of issues whereas others, who only focus on the teeth and gums, may miss other important health signs.

This means that by providing you with a healthy mouth, we may be giving you a greater chance at improving your overall quality of health as well.

There is a lot of information from recent studies that suggests oral health is linked to heart health. This may be due to inflammation in the gums leading to inflammation in the arteries. Other research suggests that gum disease can increase blood pressure as well as negatively interact with certain heart medicines.

By making sure that you understand the consequences and implications of your oral health, our dentists in Sydney CBD are committed to positive health for you and your family.

What are our values and principles?

We are open and honest and put our patient’s care as our highest priority.  We want our patients to be informed and feel empowered about their oral health.  We want to provide our patients with the latest, modern dental solutions available.

In being transparent with our fees, we believe that you can feel you are receiving the best quality care for your money. By being transparent and upfront, we build a mutual feeling of trust and respect, so that we can build a long-term relationship with our patients.

From new x-rays machines that emit less radiation, to intraoral cameras that allow you to see what we see, we enjoy the modern advances that allow us to make more accurate diagnoses faster and pinpoint locations for surgery, lowering the risk of rejection and minimising healing times.

Our dentists in Sydney CBD take responsibility to keep abreast of the latest developments and research in dentistry.  We can then impart this knowledge to our patients to make sure they feel assured, informed and empowered.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.