What is available at Spa Dental Sydney CBD?


Here at Spa Dental Sydney CBD, you will find that we have a range of different dental treatments available that are suited to specific needs and goals. There are cosmetic procedures we can offer you, such as tooth whitening for those of you who are concerned about the appearance or shade of your teeth, as well as more general dentistry, in case you are suffering from sore, painful teeth, or perhaps even broken teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry – tooth whitening

A professional tooth whitening is a potential option for you if you have concerns about the level of staining on your teeth. In chair treatment such as this always requires a professional dentist to be present to carry out the teeth whitening procedure. Luckily, at Spa Dental Sydney CBD, we have a plethora of trained and knowledgeable dentists who can carry out teeth whitening, as well as many other cosmetic and general dental procedures.

This treatment will start with one of our dentists performing an assessment of your teeth, to determine what type of staining, if any, that your teeth have. Once this has been done, your dentist will make an impression of your teeth. This is so a custom mouthguard (also referred to as a custom tray) can be made to fit over the teeth. As it is designed specifically for you, the mouthguard will fit snugly and comfortably over your teeth. Inserted into the mouthguard is bleaching gel, and this is what helps to whiten the teeth.

At Spa Dental Sydney CBD, we have numerous patients who have undergone our teeth whitening treatment who have seen noticeable results that they have been really pleased with. Many enjoy the positive, life benefits of teeth whitening, including the professional nature of the treatment, delivered to them by a trained dentist, as well as the cosmetic enhancement of their teeth and mouth, and the reduction in tooth discolouration.

General dentistry

Our general dentistry can be more helpful for when you are experiencing pain or damage to your teeth. At Spa Dental Sydney CBD we can offer you a comprehensive examination, so that we can properly understand what dental problems you may be having, and any concerns you may have in connection with them. In particular, we have many treatments that are appropriate if you have suffered a broken tooth.

A broken tooth can be fixed with relative ease by one of our dentists. To do this though, it is usually required that you still have the fragment of tooth that has broken off, so be sure to keep it safe, and if possible conserve it in a container, surrounded by either milk or saliva if possible. In this case, the dentist will be able to glue the broken fragment of tooth back into place. Otherwise, the dentist may need to insert a filling or crown (a small cap which ensures that the broken tooth is covered) to repair the broken tooth. For a tooth that has been sufficiently damaged such that nerve endings are exposed, root canal treatment is also an available option.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure the treatment is right for you.