Why choose our Dentist in Sydney?


At our dental clinic situated within the heart of picturesque Sydney, our experienced and highly skilled team of dental healthcare professionals boast over thirty years worth of experience within the field of dentistry. Our handpicked team of dentists all possess the same shared passion for the impeccably high standard of dentistry they provide within our modern and comfortable dental surgery.

Our ethos..

At our Dentist in Sydney we understand that suffering from dental imperfections (such as crooked teeth or yellowing, to name just a few common examples) can make you want to hide your smile, however our fantastic team of aim to change that.

Did you know?

Our dental surgery has administered thousands of dental procedures whilst embracing the latest advancements within dental technology to ensure our patients achieve their dream smiles, every time.

See the results for yourself..

Located on our modern and easily accessible dental website we display a multitude of pre and post-treatment smiles. We believe our before and after photos are a credit to the excellent care we provide and is, therefore, something we choose to show off.

How to get in touch with our dental team

In addition to offering our direct contact details for all of our potential and registered patients to access (such as our email address, and our contact telephone number) we also now offer ‘virtual appointments’.

What is a virtual appointment?

At our Dentist in Sydney we understand that many of our patients may hold hectic work and social schedules which is why we strive to make the consultation process as simple as possible for those individuals. Booking a virtual consultation from the comfort of your own home ensures our experts can give you sound medical advice and recommendations whilst you get on with your daily tasks.

The treatments available at our dental clinic

In addition to boosting our patients’ self-esteem through the use of cosmetic treatments (such as tooth whitening to name one of our more popular treatments) we also offer an extensive array of subtle orthodontic procedures (such as Invisalign clear aligners which have successfully straightened over four million happy smiles worldwide).

Are you suffering from misaligned teeth?

Crooked teeth can not only make our patients’ feel self-conscious however it can also increase their chances of developing a multitude of oral diseases and infections (patients’ may find it harder to brush adequately, therefore leading to a build-up of tartar on the surface of the teeth which can develop further).

So… What’s the solution?

If you are suffering from wonky teeth it may be suggested by our specialist team to receive orthodontic braces. Orthodontic braces have been present within the field of dentistry for many years and originally simply consisted of conventional metal braces, within recent times however many dental clinics are now choosing to answer the demand for a more discrete orthodontic alternative, and our clinic is no exception!

A subtle alternative to traditional metal braces..

Invisalign clear aligners could be argued as one of the most popular brand providers of clear aligner trays within Australia! Invisalign is the trusted brand we choose to provide at our clinic, after having been legitimized as a platinum elite Invisalign provider 2019 we believe the results speak for themselves.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.