Why do I need a check-up?

Check-ups at the dentist are key to ensuring your teeth and gums are in good health. You may think that if you don’t feel any pain in your mouth that this means there’s no problems, but that may not be the case. Spa Dental Sydney CBD is a dentist in Sydney CBD that has a great reputation for providing patients with a high standard of care and dental treatments. We welcome new patients to our clinic, whether you’re in need of a new dentist for regular appointments or you’d like something more specific.

How often do I need to go to the dentist?

Routine check-ups at our dentist in Sydney CBD are advised to be every 6 months. They can be more frequently, depending on whether you have any issues, such as loss of bone or plaque that needs to be removed. It may be that you need to make an appointment with our dental hygienist to get a deep clean.

What if I have plaque?

Plaque is a sticky substance that sticks to your teeth. It’s created after eating foods and contains lots of bacteria. This is where cleaning your teeth through brushing is so important. It helps to remove the plaque each day and remove the bacteria. At our dentist in Sydney CBD, you can be sure of getting a thorough check-up and the right treatment, if you need it. If you have a lot of plaque on your teeth, our dentist in Sydney CBD can suggest a few ways to tackle this. They can also talk to you about how to look after your teeth at home, including flossing and using interdental brushes to clean between the teeth.

Why do I need a filling?

Fillings are needed where the tooth has been damaged, due to decay. This is caused from a build-up of plaque. This happens for a few different reasons, which can include a diet containing too much sugary foods or through inadequate cleaning. The dentist will place the filling over the hole in your tooth, which then sets in with the help of a blue dental light. A filling can last for a long time when it’s looked after properly.