Worried that your child may need braces? Ask about the Myobrace System at Spa Dental Sydney CBD today!


Ever heard of a pre-orthodontic treatment?

When you are told your child needs braces, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Many parents are wary of allowing traditional braces to be fitted to their children’s mouths, for fear of backlash from their child and worries that orthodontic treatment will not only cause issues with their child’s social life, but it will also be painful. While these are all legitimate concerns to have, modern-day orthodontic treatment is faster and causes less discomfort than it has ever done before.

However, if after visiting an orthodontist, your child is recommended to undergo a pre-orthodontic treatment, all of these issues can be avoided!

At Spa Dental, we are extremely proud of our orthodontic dentist in Sydney CBD, particularly in relation to childhood orthodontics. We are now also able to offer suitable children a pre-orthodontic treatment called the Myobrace System, which eliminates the need for childhood orthodontics altogether!

Want to learn more about the Myobrace System? Here, our dentist in Sydney CBD shares everything you need to know about this exciting preventive treatment. Read on to find out more!

Identifying underlying causes

For years, it was presumed by dental professionals that orthodontic issues in children were the result of genetic issues, larger teeth on a smaller jaw, or small teeth on a large jaw.

However, modern dental research has found that this is not the most common cause of these problems. Incorrect myofunctional habits, like mouth breathing, thumb sucking and reverse swallowing have been linked to orthodontic issues in children, meaning that a different type of brace is needed to stop these complications before they develop.

What is the Myobrace System?

Physically similar to Invisalign braces for adults, Myobrace is a removable brace aimed at preventing orthodontic issues in adolescents and children.

Comprised of a harder inner core and softer outer area, this brace combines durability with comfort, to ensure that the wearer experiences minimal discomfort. Similar to other removable braces available in many dental surgeries, Myobrace also has individual tooth slots.

How does it work?

If your child is deemed a suitable candidate for the Myobrace System, our dentist in Sydney CBD will select the appropriate Myobrace System to use on your child, by measuring across your child’s upper incisors. As this brace comes in six different sizes, this step is important for this orthodontic device to work.

The Myobrace works by correcting the habits that have led to the orthodontic issue and using gentle amounts of pressure to move the teeth into the desired position.

Compared to a work-out routine by many orthodontists, this device requires extreme dedication from both you and your child. If compliance with the wearing of the brace or the exercises is likely to be an issue, it may be better to try traditional orthodontic braces.

Your child must wear the Myobrace appliance for two hours each day and overnight to gain any benefits from it, while also performing daily trainer exercises each and every single day.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. This article is not a substitute for a check-up with your dental practitioner.