X-rays from a dentist in Sydney CBD

Dentist in Sydney CBD

One of the most common concerns that make people avoid going to the dentist is a fear of radiation exposure from x-rays. This is a real ‘elephant in the room’ for dentists.

We fully understand the hesitancy some people have when they are expected to undergo x-rays and they have concerns about the harm they think it can cause.

Spa Dental Sydney CBD are proud to provide you with high-end, modern equipment that produces lower radiation emissions. Asides from lower radiation emissions, there are additional benefits from using these digital x-rays.  This includes the fact that they provide us with a higher quality and higher resolution pictures, allowing us to see more from a single scan and helping us identify issues more easily. Having higher quality x-rays enables us to find minute cavities that may otherwise be missed until they became larger and more problematic.

What are some of the results from radiation testing that is available?

We also like to ensure the safety of all of our staff. This is why recently every member of our team wore a radiation badge everyday for seven months. We sent the badges away for testing in order to see what effects prolonged exposure to our x-ray machine would have on each one of us. The results were so minimal that we were told there was absolutely no cause for concern.

We have the Australian Dental Association’s comprehensive report on dental x-rays and encourage any of our patients who are interested in the subject to talk to us about it.  Patients are encouraged to read the report for themselves.

We do not seek to undermine any fears or concerns regarding x-rays or make anyone feel uncomfortable about asking about levels and legality. We want to be as transparent and as open as we can be about the need to use these devices and the measures that we are taking minimise risks.

By presenting you with available reports, we hope we can alleviate some of the fears that you may have during your visit to us at Spa Dental Sydney CBD. We are interested in new studies and constantly upgrade our technology..

A recent study from America has shown that a standard x-ray is equivalent to 0.5% of the radiation exposure from a flight from Sydney to Perth and considerably much less than the exposure caused by a mammogram.

Why do we use x-rays?

X-rays are necessary tools that a dentist in Sydney CBD use to diagnose issues of the teeth and jaw that we would otherwise not be able to investigate, even through surgery. They have significantly enhanced the ability that a dentist has in producing promising results for their patients, especially in the realm of early tooth decay, disease and infections, as well as tumours and other potentially significant issues. Visit the dentist in Sydney CBD to find out more. 

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.